A work in progress.  100 is a lot.

Inspired by the incredible Maggie Mason and her Mighty Life List.

  1. Be fluent in Portuguese and Arabic, then keep going.
  2. Raise fully bi-lingual children
  3. Live in an international city for at least a year
  4. Work on a small farm
  5. Adopt a rescue dog
  6. Run 27 km on my 27th birthday
  7. Organize a woman’s retreat
  8. Learn to surf
  9. Scuba Dive with out freaking out
  10. Do a Macacu (capoeria move)
  11. Learn to play guitar &  play around a campfire
  12. Do 1 craft/DIY project a month for a year
  13. Circumnavigate the globe
  14. Surprise a friend by visiting them in another country
  15. Finish the Coffee In Action Blog
  16. Speak eloquently about wine
  17. Bake bread
  18. Build a house
  19. Own 5 acres of land (In Vermont?)
  20. Own a hybrid car (other more advance alternatives acceptable)
  21. Speak at a professional conference (ideally international)
  22. Build a large piece of wooden furniture
  23. Take a vacation with my siblings
  24. Watch sunrise in Namibia again
  25. Sew a quilt
  26. Have sex in an open field in broad daylight
  27. Make grand gestures of appreciation for the people in my life
  28. Perform a dance in public
  29. Wear a 100% sequined dress
  30. Write handwritten letters
  31. Host an international alumni reunion with students from past programs
  32. Harvest and can my own vegetables
  33. Have children that love each other deeply
  34. Treat my parents with dignity as they age
  35. Be financially educated
  36. Wake up on a beach
  37. Go Backpacking for a week
  38. Harvest: Coffee Beans, Olives, Grapes
  39. Stand in a field of Lupines in bloom
  40. Have a picnic on a red checker blanket, in a yellow dress on a hill top (straw hats encouraged)
  41. Know basic car maintenance
  42. See an Aurora
  43. Witness a childbirth
  44. Skydive
  45. Paint – on canvas – BIG
  46. Make an outrageously large anonymous donation
  47. Play poker while smoking a cigar (learn to do both)
  48. Walk down a red carpet
  49. Teach my kids to dance in the kitchen
  50. Ride a motorcycle alone
  51. Give flowers to a stranger
  52. Join a social/political campaign
  53. Be trained as a sex educator
  54. Buy my parents a theater membership
  55. Have tasteful nude photos taken for a partner
  56. Read Philosophy in Greece and Rome
  57. Yell in a cathedral
  58. Actually do that word-a-day thing
  59. Visit the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin, China
  60. Go to a nude beach
  61. Have a bathroom with a huge claw-foot tub and an outrageous amount of natural light
  62. 30 by 30 (3o countries by my 31st birthday. 19 down, 11 to go)
  63. Polar Plunge (this one is up for frequent reconsideration)
  64. Be a foster parent
  65. Pay for my kids college
  66. Know 15 climbing knots and when to use them
  67. Sail a boat in the Mediterranean
  68. Dance Samba and Forro in Brazil (do both well)
  69. See “Wait, Wait don’t tell me” and “a Prairie Home Companion” live
  70. Take a cooking class is Thailand

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